Daisuke Shimizu 清水 大輔

Shimizu Daisuke


Daisuke Shimizu  清水しみず 大輔だいすけ

Born in 1976
Timelapse/Hyperlapse Creator

Japan’s first photographer specializing in timelapse and hyperlapse works.
His works appear in powerful 4K and 8K resolution standards.
Timelapse refers to videos created by combining the single shots taken at intervals.
Hyperlapse further adds the element of space movement to create a video by connecting the single shots taken at intervals from a first-person view.
Shimizu takes tens of thousands of photos to be edited over a month in order to create a three-minute hyperlapse film. Though the basic idea sounds simple, in fact it takes persistence, patience, and sound techniques to create such works.

“Timelapse sequences differ from ordinary videos as they allow us to visualize the light or colors that are impossible to capture in ordinary movies,” says Shimizu.
He searches out and creates high quality visuals never seen before, working in any genre, including nature, night skies, or urban life.

Shimizu’s inspiration is to contribute to his native place Fukushima through the power of visual expression. This idea has driven him to refine his techniques to capture beautiful scenes never seen before.
His visual works showing the beauty of Fukushima’s nature and night skies in incredible ways are steadily appearing worldwide.
Together with Takashi Kokubo, his work based on the theme “Beautiful Nature of Japan” was exhibited in the 2016 TIMELAPSE FILM FESTIVAL .

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  1. Production of visual contents for use with digital signage
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  3. Production of corporate promotional videos and timelapse
  4. Production of regional promotional videos and timelapse
  5. Regional promotional videos and timelapse by Daisuke Shimizu

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All photos and videos are available for 4K or 8K contents.
A variety of contents is available, including scenes of beautiful nature from various places in Japan, or of the Milky Way and other celestial bodies.
Recently corporate promotional videos are majorly used.
Gradually videos are becoming the primary method of communication over text or photos.
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Shimizu Daisuke Shimizu Daisuke Shimizu Daisuke


December 2021NHK WORLD [Japan Time-Lapse Ainu] , the video series introducing The Ainu: indigenous people of northern Japan , produced
July 2021In charge of “Municipal version” Come. “Poster 2021” [Samegawa Village] of Fukushima Prefecture official image poster “Come on.”
April 2021In charge of TV commercials for Audi Japan
March 2021At the 3rd Japan International Tourism Video Festival , the video in charge of time-lapse and hyper-lapse video won three domestic and international awards. Click here for the award-winning video
March 2021Appeared as a creator of Fukushima in an advertisement from the other side of Apple’s campaign #Mac
December 2020Released “NIPPON 12K -Discover Japan- | Timelapse Film”. Click here for YouTube
November 2020Responsible for the time lapse of NHK WORLD “Barakan Discovers: The Tokyo of 2020”
November 2020TOSHIBA REZGA [Developer’s quest for beauty, thoughts on high image quality] In charge of time lapse
October 2020Fukushima Television [Tsunago. “I want to connect now.”] TV commercial appearance
July 2020Featured in the July issue of Gakken “CAPA” [Activities of Emerging Video Creators]
June 2020Providing a starry sky time lapse for the PV of GReeeeN’s “Hoshikage no Yale”
June 2020[Yokohama Hyperlapse] is adopted in the PR video of SHARP organic EL TV “CQ1 series”
April 2020Produced a video introducing scenic spots in Fukushima Prefecture with 4K / 8K video including time lapse for digital signage at Fukushima Airport. Will be aired
April 2020In charge of PR video for SHARP AQUOS 8K flagship model LCD TV “8T-C70CX1, 8T-C60CX1”
April 2020In charge of the time lapse of Tochigi’s PR video [The Grace of Japan, TOCHIGI Wild Winter Activity]
March 2020NHK [TIME-LAPSE JAPAN] season5 [TOHOKU Timelapse], which is in charge of starring and shooting, started broadcasting
March 2020In charge of sightseeing PR video [Samegawa Village’s four seasons 8k CinemaScope] expressed only in 8K cinemascope time lapse
March 2020Responsible for the time lapse of NHK WORLD “Barakan Discovers TOHOKU”
February 2020Tokyo Timelapse / Hyperlapse video will be broadcast on NHK BS1 “The Human”
February 2020Responsible for the time lapse of the JR Freight Railway Company Information Video
January 2020In charge of time lapse and hyper lapse of PR video [The Exciting Journey | Stunning Views | KANSAI, Japan] in Kansai area
November 2019A timelapse exhibition by Daisuke Shimizu was held called Soko ni aru Hikari (Light in the Distance)
April 2019NHK World Fukushima TIME/LAPSE received a Silver World Medal in the Documentary competition under Community Portraits Category at the New York Festivals
October 2018Appeared in EXCERIA PRO Information Commercial for Toshiba Memory Corporation
September 2018 Timelapse and hyperlapse showing the history and thoughts of Ogasawara islanders broadcast as a program called OGASAWARA Time-lapse on NHK World
May 2018Released the “JRA TOKYO RACECOURSE TIMELAPSE video
March 2018Broadcast on NHK’s BS1 Special: Fukushima Timelapse- Visual Poem Seven Years after the Earthquake
January 2018Began serving as an EXCERIA ambassador for Toshiba Memory Corporation
December 2017Documentary broadcast focusing on one year of work for NHK World: Fukushima TIME/LAPSE
July 2017Special feature on collected photographic scenes and videos for Fukushima no Zekkei (Beautiful Scenes of Fukushima) by TV-U Fukushima
July 2016Production of videos and photography presented in a special feature on hyperlapse in Fuji TV’s Tokudane
March 2016Special feature on timelapse videos and work on NHK General TV’s Ashita-e
October 2015Special feature called the Scenery of Fukushima, Japan 2015 Timelapse 4K on the National Geographic Channel
September 2015Work in Fukushima highlighted on NHK World’s Videos Gone Viral
March 2015Article on work in the Huffington Post
March 2015In charge of timelapse photography for JR East’s Fukushima Destination Campaign
February 2015In charge of timelapse photography for Taro Hakase- Kryzler & Kompany’s Shinsekai music video
December 2014Special feature called Scenery of Fukushima, Japan Timelapse #016 (Fall 2014) on Yahoo! Japan’s Video Topics
December 2014Timelapse video from Fukushima to Mount Fuji presented on NHK General TV’s Tokudane! Toko Do-ga
September 2014Article on work in Fukushima in the Nikkei newspaper
July 2014Timelapse videos began to be shown on CANON’s website
March 2014Special feature on timelapse videos on NHK General TV’s Tokudane! Toko Do-ga
September 2013Special feature on timelapse video creation in Fukushima on a TV-U Fukushima news program

NHK WORLD’s Barakan Discovers: The Tokyo of 2020

In 2020, Tokyo expected to welcome people from all over the world for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Instead, the onset of COVID-19 took it down an unexpected path. Although activity is gradually resuming, the disease remains a threat, and many people are reassessing what’s important in their lives. To explore how the city has changed in 2020, Peter Barakan meets Tokyoites from other countries. Their experiences also offer an insight into the kind of city that Tokyo might become.

NHK’s BS1 Special: Fukushima TIME/LAPSE –Visual Poem Seven Years after the Earthquake

This is a documentary on Daisuke Shimizu’s work in 2017 and 2018.
Won an excellence award in the Documentary Category of the 34th (ATP) awards (Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies)
* more details

Regional promotional videos and timelapse by Daisuke Shimizu

These offer insights into the nature, culture, and history of this region for both local residents and people elsewhere in Japan or around the world.
The changes not just of the seasons but throughout a day are captured on camera.
This forms a living record for future generations and works as promotional videos of the towns, the villages, the mountains and the sea.
Photography can be in 4K or 8K.
Consultations are welcomed from local government initiatives or those of local tourism divisions.

Works can be produced in the following two formats.
Please inquire for more details.

1. Production of timelapse video (4K, etc.) going with the music

Shimizu himself will directly handle planning according to the preferences (location and concept), time period and budget specified by the local body.

・2018 Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant timelapse

Prepared by Fukushima Prefecture according to the concerns of many people over the current state of decommissioning of the power plant.


・Fukushima Prefecture Timelapse of Samegawa Village

The rich nature of Samegawa is captured in this timelapse


・Fukushima Prefecture Timelapse of the Tadami Line

The JR Tadami Line connects the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture with Niigata Prefecture
The attractiveness of this local line is shown through the timelapse


2. Alternatively, Shimizu can simply take the photos and videos to be handed over to your director.

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