Company Profile


Company NameTRENDY Corporation
Head Office Daimon Bldg. 8F
4-9, Shibadaimon 1-Chome, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0012 Japan
Capital46,250,000 yen
Directors [President & CEO] Nobuko HIROMATSU
[Executive Vice President] Kazuhiro ITOH
[Director] Kazuyoshi NAKAMURA
[Auditor] Toshihiko HORIMA
BusinessSystem Development
System Consultation
System Integration business
Embedded software
Creators Management

SDcard Tools

TRENDY provides SD FAT file system and developer tool products for SD file system as follows:

Media Analyzer based on SD File System Test spec Ver.3.00

Media Analyzer Test Tool

  • Verifies exFAT file format generated by SD applications using PC
  • Complies with SD Part2 File System Test Specification Ver. 3.00
  • 144 test items defined by test specification
  • Evaluated and recommended by SD Association.

Media Analyzer Premium Edition

  • File system verification and analysis in detail which are not specified in test specification
    • File structure and field values
    • Retrieving sector image
    • Retrieving contents from media
    • Creating file structure tree
    • Check file format restrictions on generic operating systems
  • Useful for development of file system and applications on embedded productsn
  • Evaluated and recommended by SD Association.

Media Image Manager 64

  • Creating various conditions on file structures and formats
    • Creating fragmented conditions
    • Dividing, allocating and linking files
    • Creating illegal conditions on file format
    • Creating files and directories managed by specified all attributes defined by SD Spec.
  • Useful to create these above format with Media Analyzer Premium Edition
  • Useful for development of file system and applications on SD host products including embedded products