exFAT File System


exFAT File System is…

for SD Cards & Host products and Windows.
TRENDY announced file system library of FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT for embedded products, and for MacOS.
We can customize for this file system library.

FAT and exFAT File System supported for embedded products

We released the product ‘TRENDY-exFilesystem’ of filesystem for embedded products supported Next-generation SD memory card, SDXC. SD Association(SDA) announced SD Specification Verion3.0, SDXC in Jan 2009. SDXC is expanded to 2TByes.

SDHC(SD High Capacity) which is specification lower than SDXC is adopted FAT32 for filesystem, and expanded to 32GBytes. SDA chanaged FAT32 filesystem for SDXC, and adopted exFAT filesystem of Microsoft to be expanded to 2TB(=2048GB). 2TB is 60 times capacity for SDHC 32GB. Write speed will be planned to 300MBytes/s for future.

exFAT is expanded FAT32 into, and is not compatibility to FAT32. SDXC host products are supported SD,SDHC,and SDXC memory cards, but SDHC, and SD hosts products are not supported SDXC memory cards.

TRENDY-exFilesystem is file system library for compatibility between other host products, digital camera, digital movie camera,
SLR camera,TV, games, smartphone, and home appliance. And we released software tools for FAT, and exFAT filesystem developer.
Using our softwares you can shorten the work hours for developer, develop excellent compatibility products effectively.

SDXC exFAT File System for MacOS

Main Features

  • is driver for MacFUSE
  • supports intel archetecture on MacOS X(10.6~)
  • is file system driver using storage device.
  • supports for any applications of video camera, digital camera.

exFAT File System for Mac Require equipment

Intel Mac (MacOS 10.6~)
SD Drive(SD Card Reader):slotin SD Drive and USB reader/writer

TRENDY Corporation

Trendy is a member of the SDA. We are familiar with the SD standard.
We are developing softwares for many developers, and providing these and information to world-wide SD Host/Card
(e.g. digital cameras, DVC, smartphones) manufacturers.