Media Analyzer


Media Analyzer is…

「Media Analyzer Test Tool」 and 「Media Analyzer Premium Edition」 are approved by SDA.
Media Analyzer is PC software for exFAT, FAT32 and FAT16 verification.Media Analyzer have two grade products.

Main Features of Media Analyzer

Media Analyzer image
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Using this software, users only set target SD drive, and rule module of file system, and click analyze button of the verification.
This software finished to analyze, and show.

1. the field name and its value of file system structure.
2. tree structure of file system are managed.
3. the fail fields are red color, and otherwize are black color.

and, many function are equipped in this software.
We, TRENDY Corporation had developed DVD file system since 1991, experianced how to test various file system, and have developed these softwares for SD are cap 10 years of experiance.
These Media Analyzer are necessary for file system developer, and is for other developed filesystem.
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2 Editions of Media Analyzer

Media Analyzer Test Tool

  • Verifies exFAT file format generated by SD applications using PC
  • Complies with SD Part2 File System Test Specification Ver. 3.01
  • Test items


  • Media Analyzer Test Tool(for exFAT)
  • Media Analyzer Test Tool plus(for FAT16/FAT32/exFAT)
  • Media Analyzer Test Tool FAT32(for FAT32)
  • Media Analyzer Test Tool FAT16(for FAT16)

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Media Analyzer Premium Edition

a) File system verification and analysis in detail which are not specified in test specification
  • File structure and field values
  • Retrieving sector image
  • Retrieving contents from media
  • Creating file structure tree
  • Check file format restrictions on generic operating systems

b) Useful for development of file system and applications on embedded products


  • Media Analyzer Premium Edition(for exFAT)
  • Media Analyzer Premium Edition plus(for FAT16/FAT32/exFAT)
  • Media Analyzer Premium Edition FAT32(for FAT32)
  • Media Analyzer Premium Edition FAT16(for FAT16)

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Media Analyzer Require equipment

OSWindows7, Windows8.1, Windows10
Memory4GB for more
HDD500MB(case of SDXC 64GB) or more free space is required

Media Analyzer Premium Edition Demonstration

TRENDY Corporation

Trendy is a member of the SDA. We are familiar with the SD standard.
We are developing softwares for many developers, and providing these and information to world-wide SD Host/Card
(e.g. digital cameras, DVC, smartphones) manufacturers.